Thursday, 22 December 2011

Pre-Base Phase

A winter training is going well. Well, it's going. Having heard million times about the importance or recovery, I don't do much and try to be properly rested from one workout before commencing another. Which sometimes takes quite a long time. Cold, wet and windy weather makes it an easier task.

I've started lifting weights to decrease the disproportion between the upper and the lower body strength (i.e. its lack above the waist), I hope that soon I'll be able to perform a push-up. Yes, one. I know. But we all need to start somewhere, right?

Every now and then there's time to have fun in the mountains. On gorgeous Saturday two weeks ago, Sean and I went to Djouce. We rarely ride together due to too big a difference in our levels, but sometimes it works well. The sun was shining, the trees provided a shelter from the wind, the ground was slightly frozen - it was just a perfect day for a spin. We were riding singletracks over and over again, doing some corners 5 times if needed, until I finally made them right. At the end I felt that sweet feeling of satisfaction and achievement you get after working hard and laughing hard. That was a good day.

However, I still cannot climb. Some gradient detector in my body switches it off when the road goes steeper than 0%. Definitely something to work on.

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