Friday, 13 January 2012


Last night approx. twenty MAD members and club's friends took part in a BMX session in Cherry Orchard, Dublin (thanks to Phil for organising).
Initially excited, I lost my confidence when saw those little bikes, they felt so weird, but fortunately we started the night with a short accreditation to give us a chance to get used to them. Having ridden the track a few times I thought it was just ok but how many times can you ride such a short track? Well, apparently many times, until you have nothing left in your legs :) Half an hour in, races began, usually between 4 people but that varied ;) There were even barrier starts!

Starting at the barrier.
(Photo by Keith Wallace)

I had some great sprints with Phil and Sean, their result often depended on who first got into the first berm, however when after a while we got enough confidence to start overtaking, it all got more spicy and unpredictable.
Sprinting, pumping, getting too close to each other at the corners, crashing, laughing, jeepers that was brilliant! So intense, with just a while to catch the breath before you get onto the track again. And again. And again. 10 minutes left, I can't do it any more, I need a break. 5 minutes left, just a few times more and I can rest. The session is over, I want more!
Judging from the grinning faces and steaming bodies, everybody enjoyed that night, and the majority will repeat it.
I came back home light-headed and buzzing, can't wait to do that again!

Happy racing faces: Phil, me and Sean.
(Photo by Keith Wallace)

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