Tuesday, 20 March 2012

First race of the season: G-Ride

18th March 2012, G-Ride, Leinster League Rnd.1, Annamoe.
The first race of the season done.
Everybody was looking forward to this one - a track built by Robin Seymour in a private estate, Glendalough House, usually closed to public. And whatever Robin builds, it always rides fantastic! This time it was no different and 300 riders who showed up at the venue were not disappointed. 5km of singletracks, countless boardwalks, bridges, drops, roots, berms (oh, those berms! pure fun!), paths along streams (with water on both sides) and switchbacks tested the fitness and skills of those who dared to race. It was tough. It was very tough. And the switchback climb that seemed to last forever didn't make it any easier. There were 15 switchbacks in there! And if you thought that when that's finished, you'll catch your breath in the singletrack, you were wrong, as they were tricky enough (though totally rideable) to require constant focus. But as hard as it sounds, it was great! The course was flowy, boardwalks and berms felt like merry-go-round and if you suffered, you knew the course was worth it.

I think it was one of the toughest trails I've raced but it was also the first race of the season and so a shock to the system. On the first lap I felt like turning back and going home but as I got my head around it, I started enjoying the ride. The course was really brilliant, tricky enough to require skills but not over-the-roof crazy. And where it was crazy, there were chicken runs there.
After a long break in racing, I didn't know what to expect from myself. I was also very curious how I would ride compared to Caroline from Epic. She was faster than me last year, but I didn't train last year. I've trained this year, but so did she... Unfortunately she crashed badly at the beginning of the second lap, no comparison done so. Hopefully no serious damage done there.
After all I was quite happy with how I rode it. I was bad on the climbs, but rode correctly most of the course and did all the drops/berms/whatever else. And most of all, I simply had fun! :)

Thanks a lot to all involved in organisation of the race, to all the supporters along the course and to Sean for fixing my bike and supporting me all the way.

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