Tuesday, 6 March 2012

New website and survey on female MTB

A few days ago together with Dave we gave life to a new website for women mountain bikers and wannabes: WomensMTB.ie.

We're planning to put in there information about events (beginner series, races, etc), race reviews, advice, recipes and whatever else will be requested. Most importantly though, we'll be present on the forum, where everybody can ask any question (remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers) and talk about anything they feel need to talk about.

We're looking forward to hearing from girls about what they would like to see on the website - the place is for you, girls, so please feel free to express your interest here, on the forum, or email us:
info@WomensMTB.ie. You can also find us on Facebook .

We'll be also happy to hear from women who want to contribute to the site - send us your reviews of the races, or gear, or anything else you'd like to share with the world. Only together we can keep that ball rolling :)


There is a little survey about women's impressions and expectations of mountain biking. If we understand better what girls who don't cycle offroad think about that kind of activity maybe it'll be easier for us to promote the sport and make it more attractive to the ladies world, hence increase the number of women biking and racing.
The number of female racers has been increasing recently but we still have events where there are maybe 3-5 girls competing. If you like the feeling of standing on the podium, then mountain biking in Ireland is the perfect sport for you! :)

Click HERE to complete the survey. There are only 10 easy questions there, it takes just a couple of minutes to answer them and your opinion will help us greatly.

The output and response to the survey will be published on www.WomensMTB.ie in a few weeks.

Please forward it to your friends.
Thanks a lot for your help!

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