Sunday, 22 April 2012

moving forward, i think...

A lot of sleepiness, without obvious reasons to be non-stop tired.
A new side-loaded bottle cage, to fit in the small frame.
A new very short stem.
A pair of old SPD pedals after egg-beaters didn't pass the exam of compatibility with myself.
A night after-work road spins, only thanks to Sean whose company made it possible for me to leave the house and not turn back home after first 10 minutes of cold climbing (Thanks!).
A sunny fun spin in Djouce with Claire and Phil. Yeah, biking is a smiley activity... :) 3 hours of chatting, trying out new singletracks and messing around. Getting familiar with the bike, learning its ways, liking it. No speed records breaking, but seems like the two-wheeled fun is back (kinda).
A brownie bear.

Saturday evening spin with Sean - a view from the hill on the rain over Dublin
A Zee cage

Brownie bear

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