Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Year 2012 began with the air of New around it, the air of hopes, dreams and changes. It seemed to promise it would be different to 2011 ;) ... And so far so good.:)

In January I came across a bike that seemed to be the right one to buy.

In February CycleSuperStore took me on board and gave a ladies department to take care of. Over a month in, and there are still new things to be learnt every day.

At the beginning of April, on our Easter trip to Prague,  Sean made a proposal I couldn't refuse and so we got engaged :) I haven't slept properly since, had a lot of champagne and strawberries though ;)

And then, I finally got the bike. After it was paid for in January, sent and returned due to "unknown address" (the courier decided not to call me as it wouldn't be as much fun as returning the parcel to the Czech Republic), resent and this time delivered (address had made itself known this time) just to turn out to be in the wrong size! (Emails exchange: "You sent me the wrong size bike". "You wanted 44 and you have 44, what's wrong with it?" "It's 49.")
So the bike was stripped of parts, only the frame was sent back to the shop and at the beginning of April, after 2.5 months, the correct frame arrived and the bike was finally built up and ready to go.

Haibike Sleek RC, with an under-the-saddle parachute.

The bike is lovely, no doubt about it, but we're not compatible yet. Or simply: I've been not compatible with any bike for the last week or so. Performing pinball style mountain biking, hitting all the roots and rocks and crashing without any obvious reason. Apparently, a good bike is not enough to have a good ride ;)
Will need to work on the position on it now, it's so much different to my good old Era and what's bad, it's uncomfortably different. Actually, also with Era it took me long months to make her feel right, but in the end we got it right and  I had the impression that there were days when she liked cycling more than me. A small but reliable bike :) Hopefully we'll get to the same place with the Haibike.
Some playing with a measuring tape is awaiting, maybe some parts will be swapped and then back to some proper(ish) training, to work on the rider when the job on the bike is done.
And hopefully we'll get to understand each other before the next race in less than two weeks: on 29th April in Bellurgan.

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  1. The new bike looks cool Agata, very good machine indeed! :)