Tuesday, 23 October 2012

CycloCross in the UK

Sean and Dave came over last weekend for some CX racing: RaphaSuperCross on Saturday and Huddersfield on Sunday.
And a great weekend it was!

We had sunny and warm weather for two days, the Yorkshire was beautiful and driving to races through moss-green fields crisscrossed with dry stone walls turned into enjoyable sightseeing trips.

Dean Clough

Halifax, where we happened to be staying, turned out to be one big restoration project, with all the buildings fitting into one coherent image. We stayed in Travellodge located in the old carpet factory Dean Clough - an enormous set of breathtaking buildings.

The CycloCross stage is bigger than the Irish one with a big number of spectators and small villages with coffee, hot chocolate, burgers and pancakes growing around the field on race days. And brass orchestras! And kids race, and face painting, and cow bells! And a lot of happy excitement!

But most of all, the guys had great fun racing for two days in a row and putting some nice results in. They surely know how to enjoy themselves on a bike! It was a pleasure to watch them and to support them during these events :)

After the Saturday RaphaSuperCross, sweating and smiling.
  Sean came 6th and Dave 8th.

A souvenir.

PS I also tried Dave's cross bike and I could see that there may be some fun in this sport...

PS2 In the meantime I'm trying, not very successfully, to find some MTB trails somewhere nearby, in that land flat like a pancake with traffic filling. They must be somewhere out there.

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