Thursday, 1 November 2012

Jogging is good.

I like jogging. Well, trotting.
At mini-pace, as slowly as you want, for as long as you wish. A quiet evening park, people lazily walking their dogs, last thing of the day. So quiet. Calm, slow breath, leaves rustling with every step, full moon half-hidden behind the clouds.
Only you and the grass under your feet, so pure, so simple.
Time to relax after the day, calm down, smile at the world around.
And the whole world is beautiful, and the body is filling with energy, so happy, and all that's left to do is to smile.

It's not like biking, where there's so much struggle. The smallest incline and it's just pain, and panting, and "head down and push" and all there is to see is the front wheel and that 1 metre of the road in front of it. And numbing pain in the guts, and stabbing pain in the ribcage, and knots in the stomach and the lungs fighting for every breath like a fish dragged out of the water. And then a breath-catcher break just to repeat it all over again and again until there is no energy left to object. Pain, sweat, swearing and struggle.

Trotting is good.
And there was a 15-minute long spectacle of fireworks during the jog tonight, beautiful, colourful, eye-widening, smile-on-the-face-pushing fireworks :)


PS Have I mentioned that the courier picked up the bike from Dublin a few days ago? It'll be here next week!

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