Friday, 15 February 2013

Stop thinking, just let it be.

One day before the first race of the season. Never been so unmotivated before.

Winter training has been going well so far, focused more on the mental than physical side, it feels. Long sessions done at very low heart rate turned out to be the most challenging of all, with no adrenaline pumped through the veins the cycle feels weird, incomplete, boring, even pointless, I needed to be reminded it's to teach me to focus, to wrap up my previous over-training (or under-recovering ;) ), to teach the body to use fat as the fuel, to recover - now, each of those reasons alone would be enough to convince me, all together they form an irresistible mix. Still not easy to perform though, eyes flitting from the Garmin showing the HR to the pot holes in the rode, from the road to the Garmin...But the roads are flat here, and so the cycling is easy, with intervals now and then providing enough entertainment and shot of endorphins to keep the smile wide.
All going according to the plan, all adding to confidence, to hopes for the better performance soon, to optimistic look at the future.
Until the first hill comes. The moment which unfailingly brings me back to the earth, the moment to remind that everybody who is able to move their legs is faster than me, daddies with big bellies, guys on bouncy big bikes, hamburger eaters and Sunday riders, all leaving me in a cloud of dust (or mud, optionally).
If you train so hard and you're not getting faster, maybe it's time to reconsider some things? 3 months of a well-executed schedule should bring some results. If not, it'll be time to stop turning the eyes away from the reality, it'll be time for some thinking and for not easy decision making. We'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow morning we're going to hit the North (, and there will be hills, and it will hurt, and it's not the body I'm concerned about...

I want Daedalus's wings, not the hill of Sisyphus.

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