Monday, 27 January 2014

Castelli Leggera Gilet - review

I've found that gilets are those pieces of cycling clothing I use all the time, all year round, on road rides and offroad, always. A nice gilet can improve the quality of a ride significantly and it cannot be underestimated, it's light and small enough not to be a burden on long heat-inducing climbs but should keep the trunk and blood warm during fast road descents or slow singletracks, where it's very easy to get cold. It should also fit well, hugging the body and not flopping around, and the it seems to often be an issue, especially with women's clothing (or maybe we're just more fussy, although having seen men colour-matching their socks with the frame, I doubt it).

I've got the Castelli Leggera gilet for the last race and I must admit, it is a good one.
It fits well, it's tight enough to look good but it doesn't restrain movement, in fact I didn't feel it at all which may be due to its extremely light weight.
The collar is snug when zipped up fully, which protects the throat from the cold air but it isn't too tight which happens with some tops and which can drive one mad.
The race was cold and rainy but the gilet did its job keeping the coldness, wind and water out, I only regretted not having a jacket with sleeves as it was my arms and hands that got freezing cold but the part of the body protected by the gilet remained warm and cosy. It was easy to work on when I needed to get to my jerseys pockets, not getting in the way and the zip was easy to operate even with thick winter gloves.
And at the end of the day I found one more great feature - it washes easily, even by hand in cold water, and dries very quickly so you can have it looking all lovely again in no time!
A nice piece of clothing from Castelli, high quality as ever.

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