Monday, 13 January 2014

Preparations for ARB - Week #1

There are 7 weeks left until the Andalucia Bike Race. It makes us more and more excited and at the same time it seems a bit unreal, like something we're talking about but that is not going to happen...

With only seven weeks to go, I feel I should be living my days, eating and sleeping on the bike but I do none of those.

Coming back from sunny and gorgeous Majorca to cold and grey London was not easy (not only because the plane had serious problems landing) and I stayed off the bike for the first three days to prolong the memories of riding in sun and warmth and refusing to go out into the cold drizzle and wind we have here.

I did some jogging, arm workout (i.e. one full push-up and a few on the knees), easy commuting to work. 

On Saturday we went with Sean on a MTB ride but we cut it short, the trails were blocked by felled trees and it generally felt bleh.
The feeling continued on Sunday, when I turned back after half an hour and cycled back home.
I can see now how big an impact the weather has, I felt fantastic a week earlier, the legs felt great, the spirit was high, I wanted to cycle and cycle and cycle! But when I got out into freezing drizzle, into the traffic, smelly cars, mud and potholes all I wanted to do was to get back home, which I did. It’s a turbo trainer time of the year, I think.

Week #1 was not a very successful one, but let's call it an easy recovery week. From that point of view, it was a success :) 

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