Monday, 20 January 2014

Preparations for ARB - Week #2

Ok, week #2 was a much better one!

The days from Monday to Thursday were dedicated to short intensive workouts to boost my VO2max. I haven't been doing any intensive riding or shortish racing in months, my endurance is fine but any higher effort and my lungs start burning and I can't catch a breath.
I've found a 14-day VO2max program, I won't do it in 14 days in a row but I'm planning to do it as swiftly as the timetable permits.

Anna is at the opposite end of the scale, she had an intense and very successful cyclocross season, her high-end power is through the roof. I need to work on that, she'll work on the longer back-to-back rides and it'll be grand!

On Saturday we did a 3-hour mtb ride in Swinley forest, got soaked to the bone, gathered a tonne of mud and had buckets of fun! It felt well to ride together but frankly, I'm afraid she'll kick my bottom bracket when she gets herself onto 29'' wheels. Which will happen soon.

Sunday followed with a 4-hour road ride, cold but sunny and pretty, made even more interesting by the Garmin freezing at random and adjusting the GPS route as it pleased. Adventures, adventures...

A 10.5-hour week, 3 intensive workouts, 2 long rides, good.

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