Wednesday, 27 August 2014

World Cup singletrack - Meribel, France

The most interesting parts of the courses are rarely accessed by photographers or the camera men so we thought we'd take a few shots of dirt "to remember it by" ;)

As always, the camera flattens the course disappointingly, steep drops look tiny, sketchy rock gardens look flat and the roots grippy, so please use your imagination and add a few percent of gradient to what you see here ;)

Sean as Lion King.

Drop down, fast into a rooty corner, over a rock and down again...
Pick a line. Hint: the course urns left behind a tree. I's also slightly uphill.

That was steep :-/ Believe me.

Fast, loose-sand parts of the singletrack, with plenty of roots and tree-dodging. Take the corner or end up in the river ;)

Weeeeeee! Down into the singletrack!

Up up up

More slippy roots and loose sand and some rocks thrown in for fun. Loads of fun :)

The river running along the singletrack - a pretty view most
likely overlooked by everybody during the race.
Down and through rocks.

These were some seriously sketchy roots.
Sean has made it up, hats off.

More loose sand.

Down the drop, straight into gravelly corner, right over roots, left over rocks and into another drop...

Straight down and hope for the best. One of those "commit yourself before you see anything" kinds of drops.

Off-camber rocky part, the "line" goes to the left .

Small streams running down the slopes were adding some slippery-ness and mud

Possibly the hardest part of the course (technically). The line here goes roughly through the middle of the photograph. It was a bit consoling to see e best riders in the world tripping here, slipping, hitting their derailleurs and performing most entertaining acrobatics.

Rooty rocky off-camber and down a drop!
Blind over-the-rock: fun :)
More steep slippery off-camber. In the background you can see the end of fast boardwalk section.

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